Why Curtain Rings Are The Go To Home Decor Accessories


Home interior not only needs to look good, but it needs to be functional to your home or the space you are looking to create. 


1) Simple to hang curtains up or take them down

The usual plastic hooks which attach to the hemming on the back of the curtain, can make it difficult to take the curtains down once installed, as each hook requires attention to ensure that the curtain is hanging evenly. It also means standing on the ladder for longer periods of time, or taking the drill to get the curtain pole down. The job is especially difficult if you have high ceilings.  

With curtain ring clips or hooks, there is only one installation after which taking curtains down or hanging them up will only take a couple of moments. You won't ever need to take the curtain pole down again and there so many ways you could use curtain clips!


2) Easy to keep air fresh and dust free. 

It is so important to wash or dry clean your curtains to eliminate dust from your homes! This is why your home interior not only needs to look good but it also needs to make it easy to keep your homes clean and air fresh.


3) Lots of ways to hang ready made and no sew curtains!

Using curtain clips, you can turn anything into a curtain! You can hang material as it is, create a pinch pleat look or shorten the material if needed - no sew curtains! - or beautifully hang custom and ready made curtains with excellent results. 


4) Affordable

In addition to allowing you to hang no sew curtains, curtain ring clips also make decorating your windows affordable - if you're moving house and the dimensions of your windows change, you don't need to take your curtains back to be altered, saving you hundreds of pounds.

If your curtains are too long - simply fold  the material at the top, as much as needed, and attach your curtain clips. 

If your curtains are too wide - simply use more curtain rings to ruffle up the material and allow it to drop nicely.


More tips

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