Helpful Guide - Curtain Ring Clips

Home interior that not only looks good, but makes it easy to keep your homes clean and air fresh.

Why we love curtain ring clips?
1) Simple to install and hang curtains up or take them down
2) Easy to keep homes clean and dust free
3) Lots of ways to hang ready made and no sew curtains!

It is so important to wash or dry clean your curtains to eliminate dust from your homes! This is why your home interior not only needs to look good but it also needs to make it easy to keep your homes clean and air fresh.

The usual plastic hooks which attach to the hemming on the back of the curtain, make it difficult to take the curtains down once installed, as each hook requires attention to ensure that the curtain is hanging evenly. It also means standing on the ladder for longer periods of time, or taking the drill to get the curtain pole down. The job is especially difficult if you have high ceilings.  

With curtain ring clips or hooks, there is only one installation after which taking curtains down or hanging them up will only take a couple of moments. You won't ever need to take the curtain pole down again and there so many ways you could use curtain clips! You can hang material as it is, create a pinch pleat look or shorten the material if needed - no sew curtains! - or beautifully hang custom and ready made curtains with excellent results. 

How to use curtain ring clips?

  • Attach a curtain clip on each edge of the material you are looking to hang.
  • Fold the material in half and place a curtain clip at the half point.
  • Continue folding material in halves in between each clip which will ensure even placement of curtain clips.
  • Slide the rings over the curtain pole and you're all done!

We would recommend leaving approximately 10cm in between each clip so that the material drapes nicely once hung. Watch the video below to learn more. 

Tips on hanging materials

There are so many ways you could hang curtains with pincer clips! The benefit of using clips, is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on custom made curtains, as there is no sewing required to achieve excellent results.

You can hang material as it is, you can pleat it or create a pencil pleat look. If the curtain is too long, you can simply fold as much material as you need at the top and attach the pincer clip to the curtain alongside the fold line, or on the back just below the fold.

Watch the video below for some useful tips on how to achieve the look you are after in minutes.

What size rings do I need?
We measure the outside diameter of the curtain rings and hooks we sell. This gives you the overview of the size of the product. You should always add approximately 10mm to the measurement of your curtain pole, allowing easy and free movement of the ring.

How many curtain rings do I need?
We would recommend to leave at least 10cm (4 inches) between each clip, so that when the material is gathered, the curtain will drape nicely.

I have heavy curtain materials. Which curtain clips should I use?
Each curtain clip can hold 1kg - we tested this with a free weight. They might be small, but they're mighty! Curtain pincer clips are perfect for light to heavy materials and will look great on both, light voile and drapes.

For very heavy materials and curtain panels, we would recommend to use extra strong XL size clips from the Classic Collection, which come with either a 40mm ring or a 45mm ring.

I already have curtain rings with a little loop. Which hooks or clips will fit these? 
If you are looking for plastic curtain hooks, you can find them here.
Alternatively, you can use curtain clips only - which we sell without the ring - instead, which you can find at the bottom of the page here

Which curtain clips would work best for small curtain poles?
For smaller poles, where you don't want to use a curtain ring, you can use clips from our specialist Cafe or Designer collections

Do I need to take the pole/rail down if I want to change my curtains?
Absolutely not! We know that taking the curtain rail down and reinstalling it again can be a daunting and a time consuming process. This is why we introduced our Curtain Hook Collection – they simply hook over the curtain rail while the integrated clip securely holds your chosen material. Have a look here for more details. 

How to choose the right curtain pole?
We have created this guide on how to correctly measure your window to choose the right curtain pole. 

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