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We know our customers are leading busier lives than ever before and we want to provide you with the easiest, most effective and innovative way of creating your own design and a space you will love, in minutes.

Most of our products require no installation or tools and will leave no damage to material or your interior walls.

Why curtain ring clips?
Curtain rings with pincer clips are the easiest and most effective way of updating your home interior. The rings simply go over the curtain pole and the pincer clip holds your chosen material, which you can take down or hang at any time, without having to touch your curtain rail.

Using curtain rings, you can hang material as it is, you can pleat it or shorten it - entirely up to you.

Watch this helpful video on how to use curtain rings with pincer clips:

What size rings do I need?
We measure the outside diameter of the curtain rings and hooks we sell. This gives you the overview of the size of the product. You should always add approximately 10mm to the measurement of your curtain rail, allowing free movement of the ring.

I have heavy curtain materials. Which curtain clips should I use?
For very heavy materials, curtains, drapes and curtain panels, we would recommend to use extra strong XL size clips from the Classic Collection, which come with either a 40mm or a 45mm ring.

Do I need to take the pole/rail down if I want to change my curtains?
Absolutely not! We know that taking the curtain rail down and reinstalling it again can be a daunting and a time consuming process. This is why we introduced our Curtain Hook Collection – they simply hook over the curtain rail while the integrated clip securely holds your chosen material.

How to choose the right curtain pole?
We have created this guide on how to correctly measure your window to choose the right curtain pole. 

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