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Custom Poles

Create your own curtain pole set in just a few simple steps: 

Step 1:
Measure your windows and decide which length and diameter of curtain pole you need. See our helpful Measuring Guide to help you choose the right length curtain pole.

> Browse curtain poles. 


Step 2: 
Once you've decided on the size, diameter and colour of your curtain rail, choose the bracket to hold the pole. 

> Browse curtain pole brackets


Step 3: 
When you have chose the pole and the brackets, it's time to think about the finials. 

> Browse curtain pole finials


Step 4:
Finally, choose your curtain rings, with either pincer clips or hooks, depending on what material you have. Metal pincer clips can hold very heavy materials, while hooks are perfect for curtain tapes. All dimensions are outside diameters, so ensure that you allow at least 10mm for curtain rings so they slide easily over the pole!

> Browse curtain rings or curtain hooks and pincer clips pages to find the items for you.


See our helpful Measuring Guide to help you choose the right length curtain pole or visit Frequently Asked Questions page for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.